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Your Journey to Good Health starts with a Consultation

On your first visit, Carine will take a journey through your full health history to look for the cause of your problems. By treating the cause you get effective and long-lasting results – leaving you feeling better for longer!

Allow an hour and a half for your initial consultation, where your main concerns, health goals, and desired outcomes will be discussed in depth. Your treatment plan will be customised to your unique individual needs – no two are the same! This means that the natural medicines, herbs, food, and nutritional supplements you receive are targeted to your exact issue, to allow changes to be made faster.

Carine's expertise as a clinical naturopath, clinical nutritionist, homeopath, Iridologist, and passion for natural medicine and science-based testing means you will get a better picture of your complete health. Bring in copies of blood and other tests you have to hand, and Carine may order further testing in consultation with you depending on your individual needs which can include functional pathology or conventional blood testing. Learn more on our Specialised Areas here.

During the consultation, the following will be discussed:

  • Your health goals and desired outcome of the consultation and treatment plan;
  • Your main concern and all the details around it (when did it start, what other symptoms are associated with it, what makes it better or worse);
  • Your relevant history (this will give insights into contributing factors to your main concern)
  • General information such as family history, current medication, and allergies;
  • Your lifestyle including sleep quality, exercise, and diet;
  • Your current energy levels and emotional health;Other systems and organ health from head to toe;
  • A physical examination will be performed where needed;
  • Previous blood results will be reviewed and explained.

After a detailed assessment, you'll receive a written summary and explanation of key areas that have come up during the consultation that needs to be addressed, with a step by step plan of the process of the treatment plan that will include the following:

  • Getting acute symptoms and concerns under control
  • Advice on necessary lifestyle changes (for example dietary changes, advice on improving sleep and supporting stress management)
  • Deciding on the need for further blood tests or functional pathology tests
  • Supporting the necessary organs or system that needs attention
  • Your Treatment Plan and Prescription

This is generally followed up in 2-3 weeks with a reassessment of progress, improvements, test results, and how you're managing the lifestyle changes. If the acute symptoms are under control, then we can move to the next item on your list of priority areas that need support. The next follow up appointment is generally 3-5 weeks depending on your progress, goals, and response to the treatment plan.

If you're ready and willing to make a difference in your health and life, want to work with a trusted naturopath in Brisbane to understand what is happening on a deeper level, get in touch with Carine today.

Carine Pieterse is a qualified naturopath, qualified nutritionist, qualified homeopath, qualified Iridologist and expert in various health conditions successfully treating patients from Brisbane, Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Bayside, Wakerley, Wynnum and Redlands, including:
General Health, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health, Thyroid Conditions, Female Hormone Problems, Male Hormone Problems, Scientific Testing, and Functional Pathology Testing.

  • 15+ Years Clinical Practitioner and Primary Care Physician (SA)
  • Masters Degree in Health Science (Homeopathy)
  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Nutrition and Health Medicine (Australia)
  • Diploma Iridology (NDip Irid, Germany)

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“Healing through nature” guides a naturopath's use of biological sciences, chemistry, and biochemistry to understand the human body and its functions.


Good nutrition means obtaining the right amount of nutrients from healthy foods in the right combinations and is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. 


Homeopathic Medicine (or homeopathy) is a 200-year-old form of alternative medicine used to stimulate a healing response and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself.


It has long been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. Iridology is the study of the Iris, the complex musculovascular coloured part of the eye that surrounds the pupil.

“The first wealth is health. “