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“Carine has been my Naturopath for 4 years and throughout that time has provided me with thorough care and well researched treatment. She constantly thinks outside the box whilst filling the gap when seeking a holistic and complete health care and recovery. Her caring nature and understanding provide a nourishing foundation in which to grow better in health on whatever road you are on. I highly recommend Carine for Homeopathy and Naturopathy.”

Andrea (Brisbane)

“I started seeing Carine 4 years ago when I was showing signs of menopause. I was experiencing a lot of emotions that seemed to be extreme in my life including anger, sadness, sleepless nights and anxiety. Carine prescribed for me a combination of homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements. Within 3 to 4 days the symptoms subsided and I felt human again. Carine has able to continue to treat the menopause symptoms without me having to use any other medications.”

“Over the past 4 years she has also treated me for a stomach bug that kept reoccurring. Her prescriptions have healed it and it has never returned.

Carine monitors my response closely to ensure I am getting the best health care possible. Carine has gone above and beyond her role as a Naturopath to find specific ingredients.

I always feel respected and treated as person with individual needs. She explains things to me in language I can understanding.

I recommend Carine to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to health.”

Morag (Brisbane)

“I have been seeing Carine Pieterse for nearly three years. I speak very highly of her very helpful herbal mixtures and tablets, and her knowledge, her quiet, understanding and helpful lifestyle hints. All of which have stabilised me and, I’m sure, given me back greater health. As background, I had been caring for my wife at home for some 7 years, and I was worn out – not sleepy properly not helped by my frequent night toilet visits.”

“In early-2016, I was advised to place my wife in a High Care Aged Care facility. I decided to see Carine, the Medical Centre’s registered health practitioner in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. Carine completed a detailed history in my issues and my prescription medicines. The issues were clear – the stress of my wife’s condition, was resulting in my poor sleeping, together with frequent night toilet visits.

After that initial session, Carine crafted her herbal mixtures and herbal tablets to help with all my concerns. And all my sleep difficulties started to correct over the coming months. Then I found I could focus on wife and mix in other pursuits. Then Carine moved to another Allied Health group, 20 mins away. She didn’t get away, I followed her there. With my sleeping and stress managed, I continued until December 2018 when I felt good to go alone.

Until April this year, I struck a rough patch – my wife’s condition severely deteriorated – so I saw Carine and after she worked her magic again, with the same herbal mixtures and tablets and her lifestyle advice. Already, I am feeling stablished and feeling the benefit.

Now, as Carine steps out under her own business, it is so good to have her there if and when I need her.

Thank you so much, Carine, for giving me back my life.

Richard (Bayside Brisbane)

“Dr Pieterse was my homeopath for many years until she immigrated to Australia. I found her to be skilled in both homeopathic as well as herbal remedies. I also found her to have unlimited time, kindness and patience to the point that my appointments never felt rushed and there was time to discuss the matter at hand to its conclusion.”

Wendy (South Africa)

“Dr Carine Pieterse was our Doctor in South Africa and she helped my daughter get better and stronger without any antibiotics and we eventually found out that she is lactose intolerant and from then on Shanlee is as healthy as can be. I lost my hair and had liver problems and Dr Carine sorted that out as well. The secret is to have patience with naturopathic medication because it works!”

Silvia Nel