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Are you experiencing an imbalance in your gut health, had a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, or are suffering from Fatigue or anxiety?

You may have Leaky Gut or an imbalance in your gut bacteria, also called a dysbiosis. During recent years there have been valuable and extensive discoveries made regarding the structure and function of the gut, and the importance of your microbiome. These microorganisms have essential functions such as supporting absorption of our nutrients, supporting the immune system, has an impact on our mental health and behaviour and influences our metabolism.

Your small intestine is a long tube that is roughly 15-20 feet long in an adult and is covered by a single layer of cells, which forms this formidable barrier. The barrier consists of tight junctions that are composed of intestinal cells and smaller subunits anchored together in the intestinal wall.

When your gut becomes leaky, these tight junctions open and larger molecules, that should have stayed in the gut, pass through into your bloodstream. These larger molecules, which can be from food, toxins, or bacteria/yeast, are foreign to your immune system and cause an immune reaction which can lead to the symptoms listed below. For example, if some of these foreign molecules travel to the brain, it can lead to brain fog, fatigue, and even anxiety. It is also this immune reaction that can, in some people, trigger an autoimmune disease.

Signs and symptoms of a leaky gut may include:

  • Brain fog;
  • Bloating, irregular bowel motions (constipation/diarrhea) and gas;
  • Anxiety, depression or mood imbalance;
  • Chronic Fatigue;
  • Eczema, acne or dermatitis;
  • Indigestion, excessive burping, food sensitivities or allergies;
  • History of parasite or bacterial infection;
  • Pain and inflammation;
  • Hormonal imbalance such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), PMS (premenstrual syndrome) or irregular periods;
  • Dysbiosis – an imbalance between their friendly bacteria and pathogens (bacteria, parasites, fungi, yeast).

Causes of a leaky gut can include:

  • Toxins and chemicals
  • Emotional and physical stress
  • Infection – candida, bacterial or parasite
  • Food allergies
  • Processed food
  • Friendly gut bacteria imbalance
  • Inflammatory foods

How to repair a leaky gut?

Carine Pieterse Natural Health has a particular interest in gut health and can diagnose your symptoms to determine if you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome or a microbiome imbalance, and put together a structured, successful and personalised ‘Remove, Replace, Restore & Repair' treatment plan for you.

Carine will research, investigate and diagnose your symptoms, history, look holistically at your unique full symptom picture to establish which areas need attention first so your functioning can be restored, and you can enjoy life again.

There is hope!

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Carine Pieterse

Clinical Naturopath
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