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Unresolved Hormonal Imbalance?

Have you experienced fatigue, weight gain, low libido, irritability, used Google, your girlfriends, and a variety of specialists, but your ‘hormonal imbalance' is still unresolved? Feeling a little bit frustrated because something still doesn't feel right?

The problem may be that ‘hormonal imbalance' is a catch-all phrase that could be more precise. It's a description, not a diagnosis. Hormones are our body's chemical messengers:

  • Carrying important information from one organ to another
  • Coordinating your mood, metabolism, growth and fertility.

The two main female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, govern the menstrual cycle, fertility, and many other body processes. Although there are more than 50 different hormones involved in human health, the term ‘hormonal imbalance' is usually used when discussing women's health issues, such as menstrual problems, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Menopause, and Endometriosis.

Hormonal health can be complicated, so it's essential to seek the help of a specialist like Carine Pieterse. She can expertly navigate this intricate terrain with her deep understanding of hormonal history, signs and symptoms, and her expertise in analysing pathology or urine/saliva tests. Carine Pieterse's extensive experience and particular interest in treating the various complexities of hormones will ensure you receive a personalised diagnosis and treatment plan.

Hormonal Imbalance Signs and Symptoms

Hormonal Imbalance signs and symptoms are quite complex, and are broken down into four sections below:

General hormonal imbalance:

  • Irregular period
  • Heavy periods
  • Painful periods
  • Premenstrual symptoms such as irritability, depression, bloating, tiredness, feeling very emotional, headaches
  • Mid-cycle bleeding
  • Acne
  • Difficulty to lose weight

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty to lose weight despite eating healthy and doing exercise
  • Difficulty balancing sugar levels
  • Sugar cravings
  • Abnormal facial hair
  • Acne
  • Irregular periods such as having a period only every few months or not at all
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Difficulty to conceive
  • Anxiety


  • Changes in the menstrual cycle (missed or more frequent periods, painful or heavy)
  • Headaches
  • Hot flushes
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia
  • Bone density changes or concerns
  • Weight gainVaginal dryness
  • Change in memory and concentration
  • Increased facial hair
  • Bladder infections
  • Urinary incontinence


  • Painful periods (Dysmenorrhea)
  • Pain during ovulationHeavy or long uncontrollable periods
  • Blood consisting of large clots
  • Pain during intercourseHot flushes
  • Difficulty to conceive
  • Digestive complaints such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and nausea
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Anaemia
  • Headaches
  • Continuous lower abdominal pain

How to resolve hormonal imbalances in women?

As a leading Brisbane naturopath and women's health specialist, Carine Pieterse, Natural Health, can diagnose your symptoms and determine your pathway. You don't need to ‘white-knuckle' it through life or alone; rest assured, you can feel much, much better.

Carine will take a thorough case history to understand the type of hormonal imbalance you may have. Further testing, such as the DUTCH urine hormone test or female saliva test, will give further valuable insight into your hormones. The DUTCH hormone test provides information about your sex hormones and stress hormones and their metabolites and shows how your liver is processing the hormones.

The necessary herbal and nutritional formulas, as well as lifestyle advice, will be decided on to support hormone production, balance, and processing so that your functioning can be restored and you can enjoy life again.

There is hope!

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